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Real Talk

I saw this post on a site I visit often and it made a lot of sense to me....check it...

The same broad,who's mind you respect,will be a dumb bitch for a nigga she's jocking. The same bitch who's body you respect will be a slut for any random nigga that cons them (through game and/or appearance or material things) into thinking they're the shit. The same bitch you are (financially) nice to, will take it for granted,show lack of appreciation and proceed to trick off on the dudes that do nothing for them.Its just life. Learn soft lessons and accept them or disregard and get took down by hard lessons.

..What ya'll think??


Yours. Mines. Ours

I was having a convo with a homie tonite.I'm single. He's married. We ended up talking about how on the financial side with marriage how the money is "joined" , "shared" or whatever. It only came up because a friend of his had to ask his wife if he could buy a LCD tv. I'm totally against that shit. I hate it when niggas gotta put the skirt on and "ask" "the boss" for permission to buy some shit with money he owned. FUCK THAT shit. I'm not about to be in a marriage that feels like a Death row contract. Opinions anyone!!??


club hyde footage

White Dude goin h.a.m. on the dance floor
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Okay ya'll, I know it's been a while but I'm baaaack on my blog shit!!!!!

This week's topic: Single Life VS. Settled Down Life. I'm at the point where a part of me wants the settled down part more than ever but i still sometimes get the thrill of the single life. How does a good looking dude choose and know whats the right move!!!!




What Do We Hope To Accomplish this Year? I saw we because we are all here.
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