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It Aint Where You From..Its Where Ya At!!

What Is The Blueprint for making a smooth or successful relocation? I know certain details will vary depending on the person's circumstances but what is some basic guidelines or good advice or steps to take in starting the process. Thanks in Advance!!


Hip-Hop LoveThang

IF Hip-Hop Has ever Touched You in any way ( No Penn State) explain how. It could be as simple as how a beat made you react when you first heard it or as detailed as a song that takes you back to that exact moment when something was so pure or so special that you wished that moment or period of time lasted forever. This is a chance to show your appreciation for hip-hop. DO SO.


Do Opposites Really Attract?

How Different can two people be and still be attracted to each other? #Today'sTopic


One Size Doesn't Fit All

After Years of Debate, I have come to the conclusion that at least within African American Society, or maybe I should just say the Black Folks that I Know, that the viewpoint or opinion on what is considered to be "thick" and "fat" when it comes to women really varies depending on who you asked. I have had people I know call someone such as Sanaa Lathan "thick" and then turn around and call Serena Williams "fat". Everybody is entitled to there own opinion and preference but it usually never seems to be much logic behind these kind of statements. I personally appreciate women of varying sizes, for example Jill Scott, a "plus sized" woman, has a certain attractiveness to me because she wears her weight well and accentuates her positives, then on the other side of the scale (pun intended) Zoe Saldana is sexy as hell to be as slim as she is, she could stand to eat a few Popeyes combos but she isn't Crackhead skinny so it still looks good on her. So in conclusion, what creates our views on what is "thick" and what is "fat" and why? GOOOOOO!!!!!!



Happy New Year!!!!! I knoooow its been a while, but your boi is back for the new year with new topics to discuss!!!!